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IV (intravenous) sedation is a form of conscious sedation provided through an IV into your bloodstream. It is designed to help you relax completely, and while you may not fall asleep (in fact, you should be awake and aware enough to respond to our dentist when needed), you also may not remember the details of your treatment. Prior to providing IV sedation, our dentist will meet with you to discuss your treatment, your medical history and other factors so that we can determine if IV sedation is the best option for your needs.

IV sedation does not involve general anesthesia. You may, however, feel as if you slept through your treatment afterwards. Although IV sedation is safe and effective, our team will monitor you closely during your treatment to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. If you receive IV sedation, you will need to have someone available to drive you home following your appointment, as well as someone who can remain with you for a few hours until the effects of the sedation wear off.

We invite you to call Newport Dental at 425-641-5303 to learn more about IV sedation in Bellevue, Washington, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Brian Han.