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Unfortunately, root canal treatment is not limited to adults. While primary teeth are temporary, they are still susceptible to infection and decay. If the pulp of one of your child’s teeth becomes infected, they may require a pediatric root canal.

Also known as a pulpotomy or baby tooth root canal, this treatment works to relieve your child’s discomfort and restore their oral health. Like a regular root canal, pulpotomy involves removing the decayed and infected tooth tissue and sterilizing the pulp chamber within the tooth. Unlike an adult root canal, however, the tooth nerves are not typically removed. Any healthy pulp within the tooth will be left in place to keep the tooth healthy and aid in your child’s oral growth and development. In most cases, a stainless steel crown will be placed over the tooth to keep it strong.

Pediatric root canals are designed to help your child keep their tooth so that they can continue to grow and develop normally and avoid any problems caused by missing teeth, such as shifting in their tooth alignment and improper eruption of their adult teeth.

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