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Traditional braces typically require 18 to 30 months for you to complete treatment. With Six Month Smiles®, you can drastically reduce your treatment time, straightening your smile and completing your orthodontic treatment in as little as six months!

Six Month Smiles combines the time-tested techniques of traditional braces with new technologies to move your teeth quickly, comfortably and effectively, giving you the results you desire in a much shorter timeframe. Six Month Smiles is typically recommended for patients aged 16 and older.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles include:

  • A shortened treatment time
  • A more comfortable overall treatment
  • Greater ease when brushing and flossing so that you can maintain good oral hygiene during treatment
  • Availability in more discreet options, including clear brackets and tooth-colored archwires
  • Less expensive than regular braces, clear aligner treatment or dental veneers

While Six Month Smiles has an average treatment time of six months, treatment times can range from four to nine months, depending on the extent of treatment needed and the speed of your tooth movement. Our dentist will evaluate your entire mouth prior to providing Six Month Smiles to determine if this is the best treatment option for you.

We invite you to call Newport Dental today at 425-641-5303 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brian Han and learn more about Six Month Smiles in Bellevue, Washington.